One Community Ministries
P.O. Box 261
Circleville, OH 43113

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Ministry Action Plan

Our Mission
To advance a personal journey with Jesus Christ for those in prison, ex-offenders in transition and their families, while supporting positive personal, spiritual and community interactions.

Our Vision
To share Christ’s unconditional love through ministries that educate, edify and uplift those whose lives this ministry touches

Our Values

  1. The ultimate authority of God’s Word;
  2. The dignity of all God’s people;
  3. The connectional nature of God’s Church; and
  4. The Priority of servant hood.

Our Limitations
We recognize that certain actions could impede our ability to achieve God’s purpose and vision for this ministry. We, therefore, state that One Community Ministries shall not: pursue ministry which is contrary to its purpose; fail to seek to be good stewards of its financial and non financial resources; stray from biblical principles and scriptures; stop discerning God’s vision for this ministry.